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Mexican Calzones

on January 18, 2012

Sunday I was having a craving for Mexican, but my honey was looking forward to calzones, so I had to combine them!  I used the pizza dough recipe from my previous post, and just split the dough in half to create 2 calzones.  Now, I’m a crazy person, and you should split it 4 ways to make normal-sized calzones.  Mine were HUGE, like 2 pizzas.  I had to save half for the next day.  So I used some organic diced adobe-styled tomatos, some vegetarian refried beans, chopped up some green and red onions, used Smart Ground Mexican style veggie protein crumbles by LightLife, and lastly Follow Your Heart nacho flavored vegan cheese.  It was easy as pie to just roll out the dough in a circle, layer on the ingredients, fold it over and seal the edges, and bake until golden brown!

  Remember to add a couple of slits into the top so that steam can escape!  This would have been even better with some mushrooms, spinach, peppers, etc.  I DID smear avocado all over the top of it before I chowed down, but I don’t think that’s something that should be cooked inside.  I wanted to smear on some Tofutti vegan sour cream, but when I pulled it out from the back of the fridge, it was FROZEN!  I was pretty disappointed, especially because it says, “Do Not Freeze,” right on the package.  I’m gonna have to try to adjust the temperature now….

Anyways, Enjoy!!!!           Its too big for my plate LOL

5 responses to “Mexican Calzones

  1. brooktrout says:

    LOL that gigantic calzone looks amazing.

  2. Yum! Looks delish. I didn’t realize they made mexican-flavored Smart Grounds crumbles, are they good? I made tacos a week or so ago and made my own taco seasoning with the plain crumbles–it was SO meat-like it was scary. Tasted just like tacos from my childhood!

    • You can absolutely do the taco meat yourself and have it be AMAZING. I will usually do that, but some days I have no time and no energy to put into the extra 5 minutes it would take, so I pick up some options like the LightLife products for “emergencies.”

      ALSO, you can use home-made pizza dough to make your own hot-pockets. I’ve done that before if we had extra dough lying around; just roll out small circles or rectangles, fill with spinach, broccoli, garlic, and vegan cheeze, fold over, seal the edges and bake! SO good…especially if you carmelize some onions and garlic, then wilt the spinach and add a little sea salt…mmmmmm…..

  3. Can’t wait to try this! I’ve been looking for vegan/vegetarian friendly recipes for myself and this sounds perfect. Thanks =)

  4. Wow a Mexican calzone! That’s a great idea….I will have to try this soon.

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