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El Paso Zoo kills yet another animal

on January 30, 2012

   Cleo, one of the California Sea Lions at the El Paso Zoo was killed after being given five times the normal anesthetic dose for a sedated procedure last Thursday.  This is not the first time that Dr. Victoria Milne has miscalculated the dose for a procedure, and is not even the first time that an animal has died because of it.  Zoo staff have been scrambling to keep this under wraps, but as it is a city zoo, medical documents are part of public records and must be released.  As a former Zookeeper of this very zoo, I am happy that the zoo is being brought to account for this negligence, and can only hope that the past offenses are also uncovered.  Steve Marshall, the apathetic zoo director, appeared on several news programs after the death first occurred to proclaim that Cleo would be quickly replaced.  I hope the shameful behavior of this zoo is further uncovered (check out idausa.org to see some of the reason’s the zoo is in their “Top 10 Worst Zoos”)  and that the zoo is banned from receiving any further animals  until it can prove competency in caring for them!  Feel free to contact Steve Marshall to let him know how you feel about the situation, and ask for disciplinary action.  He can be reached at 915-521-1850.  I know first-hand that there are keepers at this zoo, and every zoo, who would give up everything to care for these animals they love, but the management is currently more interested in profit and public image than caring for the animals in an ethical manner.  How do you feel about zoos in general?  How should something like this be handled?  My first thought is congratulations to the whistle-blower!  Someone at this zoo cared enough to alert the media in the hopes that this would not continue to be swept under the rug.  Bravo.  You put your job at risk to speak out.  I tip my hat to you.

One response to “El Paso Zoo kills yet another animal

  1. This is awful. Thank you for writing about it and letting the “dirty little secret” out. We deserve to know the truth about atrocities like this. It’s disgusting…I’m outraged. I can only imagine how you must feel having been an employee at that very zoo.

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