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New life, new job, new adventures!

on March 12, 2012

So, I’ve literally been gone for a month!  I went to a job interview over 2000 miles away and decided to take a roadtrip back!  There is little I like more than travel….I LIVE to experience the world.  Unfortunately this meant no way to blog, but now I have a laptop, a new job, and a license to travel!  I’m looking for travel tips, and I’ll blog about places I go and weird things I’ll see, because (lets face it) I attract, nay, seek out the weirdest things in life.  For instance, my favorite hobby: letterboxing.  It’s a secret hobby…look it up.  Very fun, kind of a global treasure-hunt.  I’m no longer broke as a joke, so I will be buying endangered species dark chocolate!  I will be eating food from gas stations and stopping to look at the world’s largest ball of twine!  Look out world, HERE I COME!

I don’t have any photos, but two of the places I hit during my last roadtrip that were pretty memorable to me were:

The V Spot Cafe (Dallas, Texas) :  Very cute little hole-in-the-wall cafe.  Prices are up there, but super friendly staff and the food was WORTH IT!  I had the firecracker sushi ( I destroyed it) and a “Green Eyed Lady” which I generally call a green monster.  Only weird thing, the smoothie wasn’t really cold, and when I asked for ice, they said that they didn’t have any.  interesting…

Fern Flavors From the Garden(Charlotte, NC) This place is adorable, and has a great atmosphere.  Mason jar chandeliers, a wall of plants, and bamboo pieces made the place seem calm, but edgy.  The garden burger was melt-in-your-mouth orgasmic (pun possibly intended) and the quinoa salad had me scarfing it up like it was my last meal.  Reasonable prices, accommodating staff.  I wish I could go back and try more!

One thing I found that was great for traveling: I was going through Target and found packets of Justin’s nut butters you could buy in single servings.  I grabbed a maple-almond butter, and a chocolate hazelnut butter.  I LOVED the almond butter, but the chocolate one seemed like it should have graced a donut, instead of the bagel I put it on.  Most continental breakfasts at hotels nowadays are difficult as a vegan.  Very few had any fresh fruit, none had non-dairy milk (although that didn’t surprise me), and oatmeal packets were 50/50 vegan and cream-filled.  I had apples, bread, and nut butter, but that gets old fast.  I’ll need some tips before I hit the road again.  At home I usually make my own oatmeal with rolled oats and lots of fresh ingredients.  Maybe it would be worth buying some packets to bring next time.


One response to “New life, new job, new adventures!

  1. Yay, I’m so happy for you!! I recently discovered those Justin’s almond butters, too. The jar was a little pricey so I bought two packets and enjoyed the hell out of them. 🙂 can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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